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Chuck's Bio

BORN: May 3, 1952, to Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Baldwin in La Porte, Indiana. Chuck’s father, Ed Baldwin, was a welder by trade and a converted alcoholic. His life story has been played over the international radio program “Unshackled.” He was a lay preacher in the jails and prisons of northern Indiana for over 35 years.


FAMILY: Chuck is married to the former Miss Connie Kay Cole. Chuck and Connie were married on June 2, 1973, after meeting in college. They have three children and nine grandchildren.  All three children and their families are active, dedicated Christians. 


CALL TO MINISTRY:  As a young man, Chuck had decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. His plan was to join the U.S. Marine Corps and afterward begin working as a Deputy Sheriff in La Porte County, Indiana. The Sheriff at that time was Cliff Arnold. (Arnold later became an Indiana State Representative.) Mr. Arnold had told Chuck that following his tour in the Marines, a position at the Sheriff’s office was waiting for him. All that changed in the summer of 1970 when Chuck answered the divine call to Gospel ministry. As a result, instead of joining the Marines, Chuck enrolled in Bible College.


EDUCATION: After graduating from La Porte High School in 1971, Chuck attended Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan, for two years. He then married and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia. He enrolled in the Thomas Road Bible Institute (now known as the Liberty Bible Institute at Liberty University) and graduated with his Bible Diploma. He then earned his Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology degrees via external degree programs from Christian Bible College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Chuck received his first honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Christian Bible College. He received his second honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. On this occasion Dr. Baldwin brought the Commencement Address to a crowd of over 5,000.


FOUNDER-PASTOR of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Dr. Baldwin and his wife met with four others on June 22, 1975, for the first meeting of the church. The church was organized in September of that year. Six acres of prime property were purchased in 1978. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence. Under Pastor Baldwin's leadership, the church went through five building programs, including a 750-seat auditorium and office complex. Attendance of over 1,000 was reached numerous times. While Dr. Baldwin was pastor, some of the choice spiritual and political leaders of the nation spoke in this pulpit, including Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Reform Party Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, Evangelist Pete Rice, U.S.S. Pueblo Intelligence Officer Lt. Commander Steven Harris, Author Salem Kirban, Vietnam Veteran/Evangelist Tim Lee, Author & Liberty University Professor Harold Willmington, Rep. Joe Scarborough, Rep. Jeff Miller, Tortured For Christ Author Harlan Popoy, Evangelist Chuck Millhuff, Pastor Walt Hanford, Author/Evangelist Don Boys, Author/Evangelist/ WW II Veteran Kenny McComas, Captain Eugene “Red” McDaniel, Businessman Stanley Tam, Co-Founder of Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, Dr. Reed Bell, “Top Gun” Pilot/Gulf War Veteran Commander Sandy Jones, Alabama Governor Fob James, Jr., Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, 2000 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips, Reform Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ezola Foster, D. James Kennedy Associate Janet Folger, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka, Former Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Dr. Greg Dixon, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Dorchester County (SC) Sheriff Ray Nash, and others.


RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: For 8 years (1994-2002), Dr. Baldwin was the host of a lively, hard-hitting radio talk show called “Chuck Baldwin Live.” This was broadcast locally for 6 years and then was syndicated nationally for 2 years. This show was highly successful in helping to elect conservatives to local, state and national offices. “Chuck Baldwin Live” was regarded as perhaps the most influential voice in the Florida Panhandle for conservative, constitutional, Christian principles. Chuck’s guest list reads like a “Who’s Who” from both the local and national scene.


MORAL MAJORITY LEADER: From 1979-1989 Dr. Baldwin served as Pensacola Chairman and then as State Chairman of the Florida Moral Majority. Through these efforts many successful rallies and conferences were conducted. (One rally drew nearly 2,000 people during a driving rain storm.) Pro-family legislation was enacted, and Christians were educated as to moral-political information and involvement. Also, thousands of new conservative voters were generated.


AUTHOR: Chuck has authored several books. The first is entitled “Subjects Seldom Spoken On” which contains eleven sermons not normally addressed. The second, “This Is The Life,” is a verse-by-verse exposition of the Epistles of John. Numerous theological booklets have also been written by Dr. Baldwin, including the popular “Let’s Look at Legalism." Through his radio program Dr. Baldwin has edited and produced “The Freedom Documents.” This volume contains over fifty of the most important and influential documents of American history. Nowhere else that we know of can you find these great, historic documents under one title. Chuck and his son, Tim, have also co-authored two books entitled “Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission” and “To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.” 


NEWSPAPER AND INTERNET COLUMNIST:  Chuck Baldwin is a prolific writer/columnist whose articles and political commentaries are carried by a host of Internet sites, newspapers, Internet websites, and news magazines nationally.These editorials are also sent to tens of thousands of subscribers electronically. Readership of Dr. Baldwin's columns conservatively numbers in the hundreds of thousands. 


MEDIA APPEARANCES: Chuck has appeared on several national television networks. ABC NEWS once filmed his radio broadcast for a feature story. He has appeared on national news shows such as Scarborough Country on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs on CNN, and Neil Cavuto on FOX NEWS. He has been featured several times on CSPAN. He has also been featured on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL. He has appeared on the GERMAN RADIO NETWORK, and the BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION’S television network. Mr. Baldwin was also featured on POTUS ’08, the political news station of XM RADIO. He has been a frequent guest on the ALEX JONES SHOW. Chuck has also been featured in national magazines and newspapers such as ESQUIRE, THE MIAMI HERALD, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, THE SALT LAKE CITY TRIBUNE, THE LONDON TELEGRAPH, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, and THE NEW AMERICAN. He has also been featured in Spain's second largest newspaper, EL MUNDO. 


MOVIE APPEARANCES: Dr. Baldwin has been featured in 11 full-length feature films and is currently involved in the production of others. Find Dr. Baldwin's movie database online here.


VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2004: On May 2, 2004, Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka asked Dr. Baldwin to join him as his Vice Presidential running mate for the 2004 general election. The Constitution Party officially selected Michael Peroutka as its Presidential candidate and Dr. Chuck Baldwin as its Vice Presidential candidate at its national convention in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, on June 25th and 26th, 2004.


PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2008: On April 26, 2008, state delegates of the Constitution Party elected Chuck Baldwin to be their Presidential candidate during their national nominating convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Chuck won the nomination with a percentage vote of 74% to 24% over Ambassador Alan Keyes. Chuck chose Memphis, Tennessee, attorney Darrell Castle, a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam veteran, to be his Vice Presidential running mate. On Election Day, November 4, Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle received more than 200,000 votes, which is a record for any Constitution Party Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket. Chuck was also endorsed by Texas Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul during this campaign.


MOVE TO MONTANA:  In October 2010, Dr. Baldwin and his entire family and extended family (5 heads of households & 17 family members in all) moved to the Flathead Valley of Montana. In January, 2011, the family started a new fellowship, which is named LIBERTY FELLOWSHIP. This is an unorganized, unincorporated, nondenominational, non-501c3 fellowship located in the city of Kalispell. The current meeting place is the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Conference Center located on Highway 93 South. The service begins each Sunday afternoon at 2pm Mountain Time. The service is also live streamed over the Internet and is faithfully viewed by thousands of people across the country. The fellowship website is Chuck speaks frequently at events all over the country. Dr. Baldwin has traveled over 1,000,000 miles across the continental Unites States.


DISTINCTIONS: Chuck Baldwin has preached in churches all over the United States and overseas. He has spoken (Chuck’s Speeches) at several notable events including being the keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary of D-Day celebration at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.


Dr. Baldwin has been proclaimed an honorary member of both the Pensacola City Council and the Women for Responsible Legislation. He has appeared before the Tiger Bay Club as well as several civic organizations. He has also been the guest of honor at a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He was also awarded the Bronze Medal of Patriotism by the Sons of the American Revolution.


Twice Dr. Baldwin was proclaimed “Minister Of The Day” by the Florida House of Representatives and by the Florida State Senate. Also, Pastor Baldwin has had audiences with former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. and Governors Bob Martinez, Fob James, Jr. and Jeb Bush. He has also been officially recognized by the Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office as an Honorary Deputy Sheriff.


Dr. Baldwin has shared membership on the Board of Directors for Gospel Radio Latin America (G.R.L.A.) in Ft. Worth, Texas, and on the Board of Regional Vice Presidents for Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. He received the “National Medal of Patriotism” award from the American Police Hall of Fame and was a volunteer chaplain at the State Prison in Century, Florida. He was also listed in “Who’s Who of the Gulf Coast.”
















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