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The white population in the United States has decreased from 79.6 percent in 1980 to 61.9 percent in 2014, according to a new study from the University of New Hampshire.


The percentage of Latino Americans has risen from 6.4 percent to 17.3 percent over the same time period, while both the African American and Asian American populations have gone up, the study finds.


The number of non-Hispanic whites who died in 2014 outpaced the number of white births in 17 U.S. states, representing the largest number of states to experience a natural decrease in the white population in American history, the study shows.


Researchers at UNH's Carsey School of Public Policy point to an aging white populace, and a decline in births slowed by the economic recession and by fewer women of childbearing age.


"Decrease is the ultimate demographic consequence of population aging, low fertility, and a diminishing proportion of the childbearing-age population," researchers Rogelio Saenz and Kenneth Johnson wrote. "The rapid rise in the number of U.S. states experiencing white decrease reflects the demographic changes underway."


Nationally, the number of whites born in 2014 is only slightly higher, 2.15 million, than the number of whites who died, 2.06 million. A decade ago, white births outpaced deaths by nearly 400,000 each year. The ratio of white births to deaths fell 79 percent between 1999 and 2014.


Members of the baby boom generation, a generation with a greater percentage of whites than younger generations, are beginning to reach retirement age, and mortality rates are rising. Today, the median age of a white American is 43, four years higher than it was in 2000. The number of white Americans over the age of 65 has jumped from 15 percent to 18 percent of the overall white population.


By contrast, the average American Latino is just 28 years old. Latino birth rates exceeded death rates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the researchers find.


Nationally, the number of white Americans is expected to begin declining in absolute numbers between 2030 and 2040, according to projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2050, whites are expected to make up less than half the U.S. population.


Whites experienced natural declines mostly in northeastern, eastern and southern states, according to data from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The rapidly aging white population and fast-growing younger minority groups are speeding demographic changes across the country, hastening a political divide likely to have long-term ramifications, a TheHill news daily report commented.


And there is little chance that the decreases will reverse since researchers routinely find that once a natural decrease begins, it is unlikely to reverse itself, said the report, citing more states are likely to join the list of white natural decrease in future years based on the UNH's study.


The growing ranks of aging baby boomers will weigh heavily on the nation's healthcare costs, as older residents tend to use more health services. The tug and pull between an aging population that is mostly white and a growing, younger population that is more diverse is likely to set off years of political fights over spending priorities across the country.


Those fights are already underway, as Republicans and Democrats pull increasing shares of votes from more defined demographic groups, said the report.

Jewish people collectively work as an army of bees. The Christians see one bee and think it is not so dangerous and that it is better to avoid it. What the Christians can't understand is the danger of the tribe, the group of bees, when they all work together to destroy one enemy.

Jews are the most coward, but the smartest and most satanic people on earth. It is their nature and it is now a part of their DNA. The proof is, everywhere in all Western countries of the world, ask any Jew what he thinks about immigration, even Islamic immigration to the country where he is born; Most Jews favor "Open Societies" because they fear a homogeneous people who can at any day open their eyes and recognize that there is a bacteria living with them.

It is why the Jews collectively favor Multicultural, Multi-racial societies where they can hide and be considered as other "minorities" ruled by the "evil Whites". The Jew needs to hide because he hates the White race and White civilization especially if it is Christian. The combination of Whiteness and Christianity is a nightmare for the Jew. The religion of Christianity opposes the core of his Jewish religion based on lies, hatred, subversion, supremacy, envy, violence. The White race as well, because the Jew knows which people is constructive, productive and altruistic more than other groups. It is why the Jew promotes systematically and unconsciously any movement and group of people who can weaken the White Christians.

He likes distraction, he brings those who hate his host so his host will hate those he brings instead of hating him. The Jew is the corrosive power in every nation, he is the trigger that doesn't want people to have peace, it is why he brings completely different people and force them to share the same country so they can fight instead of fighting him. This is the description of "Trigger". This strategy allows him to rule Western people who are busy hating all the races and religions that the Jew forces on them after preparing these foreigners to hate their host.

The Jew is a coward, he never fight, he always gets some group to fight for him, then gets other group to fight the group he was using. He is smart because his God is the Devil according to Christianity and the Devil is smart, he is a fallen angel. It is why the Jew tried for centuries to remove Christianity from the West, because he knows that if people apply Christianity, then they will ban the Jews from their countries as it was the case in all Christian empires.

Jews recently admitted that they prefer Islamic Europe over Christian Europe, because they consider Christianity "impure". A Rabbi even wrote an article celebrating the Islamization of Europe. They certainly know that Islamization of Europe will lead to the greatest civil war in History, and it will cause the destruction of his competitors: the Europeans. It is why in the last 6 decades he was siding with the "Muslim rights" in in the West

NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION IS JEWISH POLICY. 20 Examples, Jewish Hypocrisy & the Effects on Whites .......


Quotations In Support Of White Genocide:

"There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."
– Wesley Clark,  retired General who commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War. (Jewish)
"The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would be more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian."
– Miriam Faine, editor of Australian Jewish Democrat.
The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible …"
– Earl Raab. Writer, previously Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council.
"The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendent quality."
– Ben Wattenberg, Jewish writer and journalist.
"Historically, Jews had always thrived in nations and empires with multicultural, pluralistic and tolerant environments, while they fared badly in strong ethnic or nationalistic societies. European Jews have always been the emblematic stranger or ‘other’.
Therefore, by definition, a society where the stranger is welcome is good for the Jews, although they have not always appreciated this link.
The future of European Jewry is dependant on our ability to shape a multicultural, pluralistic and diverse society."
– Göran Rosenberg, Jewish author and journalist.
"American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief—one firmly rooted in history—that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of US Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called social issues."
– Charles Silberman, Jewish writer and journalist

"Some time in the distant future, brown people are probably going to—and I say this without judgment—breed their way to power in both Europe and America. Arab populations are growing in countries like France and Holland, and I think we all see where this Mexican thing is going in America.
That’s right, because they fuck more, the darker skinned people are going to rule the world! And white people, for their own self-preservation, should get a start on being nice to them now! Nice!
– Bill Maher, Jewish TV host, author and comedian.

Zionists Want Multi Cultural Europe And Jewish Only Israel...

The Decay of Western Civilization ....


Multiculturalism in Europe:Who is Behind It? by David Duke

The United Sates became the prime target for mongrelization after the virtual destruction of Germany in World War II by weakening and undermining its power. It is the unswerving goal of world Jewry to mongrelize America, and all White counties, and phase out the magnificent White Race from the face of this planet. Very few are aware that all their civil rights gibberish is just a smoke screen hiding the real Jewish objective. Mongrelization is their real objective, lets make no mistake about it. The Jew-ridden United States of America is veritably Jew-heaven, the new JerUSAlem, and the White gentiles are being looted and ravaged by their Jewish masters at will.


The United States is under especially heavy attack by the Jews because it is the last and most significant power base of the White Race. This is why the Jewish drive for integration in the States is at its most ferocious peak of intensity. Here, the Jew realizes, he must break the back of White resistance to his programme of mongrelization. He knows full well that it is in the United States that his whole precarious conspiracy might well blow up in his face if he does not. The Tribe of Judah also knows that it is in the United States that the movement could spawn that would come to the rescue of the White Race in the rest of the world. For this reason the black is breeding most rapidly in this welfare state, and why the Mexican half-caste Indians are invading and breeding by the millions without resistance, and why the United States has now become the open magnet of all the scum races of the world.


Even more devastating result are achieved in the U.S. homeland itself by the Jewish propaganda, promoting mixed marriages. The Jew is bending the White Man`s thinking towards accepting, condoning and entering into mixed marriages by cheer force of massive, overwhelming propaganda. The Jewish controlled Supreme court have completely destroyed the laws prohibiting inter-racial marriages. Unless the White Race wants to become another stupid, incapable dark race within the next two generations at most, it must soon change its attitude and its course of action. By pumping the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, the fanatic Jews are reaching their unswerving goal to poison the White Man`s genes. They are committing similar atrocities in all other White countries, whether they be England, Sweden, France, Holland or whatever.


The instinctive hatred between the races in any multi-racial society is permanent and irreconcilable. In this kind of society the White Race is especially hated by the blacks and all the other dark races of the world. They feel inferior and threatened, and both for good reason ! The superior is always envied and hated by the inferior. The weak hate the strong; the poor hate the rich; the sick hate the healthy; the dumb hate the intelligent; the ugly hate the beautiful, and the dark races hate the White. We must always see to it that the superior survives and the inferior is sacrificed, when forced to make a choice between the two. The Jewish objective is to get the White Race to accept the blacks as our equal, get us to inter-marry. Wouldn`t it be better to bring the apes up to the level of the blacks and have them interbreed ? If we are going to start inter-breeding and “uplifting”, why not start at the lowest rung of the ladder where the “need” is greatest ?


Lets now take a look at what the Jew wants the White Race to interbreed with. In the last 6000 years the African black has invented nothing. The black have never been known to build a dam. The average African black  I.Q. is about 40 points lower than the average White, putting his average well below the moron class. The average American black is somewhere around 80, a good 20 points below the average White, and this is because they have assimilated a large quantity of White blood and are actually mulattoes. Therefore the American black is on the borderline of the moron classification, with a large percentage being actually in the moron category. Feel like inter-breeding ?


We must propagate the fact that there is a far greater gap between the intellect of our leading White geniuses and that of the black, than there is between the black and the next highest ape. We must realize that the blacks` natural level of existence is more closely related to that of animals than it is to the great and high civilization of the White Race. On this point, we disclaim any common racial denominator with the blacks, the same as we do regarding monkeys. Like the horse, the dark races at certain times have served a temporary usefulness, but unlike the horse, the dark races have mostly impeded and stymied the White Man`s progress. The black boasts about “Black Culture” where none exists, and talk about “Black Pride” where there is very little to be proud of. Although the black is the most useless component in the modern White Mam`s world, he is a very dangerous, festering, and rapidly spreading cancer in our racial body. They are the means by which the Jews plan to destroy the White Race.

Busing Our Children


The Jews know that in order to get inter-racial marriages accepted, they have to embark on a tyrannical power drive to mix black and White children at an early age. Being more impressionable and more easily deceived, the young people are the prime target of the Jews. The smokescreen used by Jew-promoted blacks to enforce this campaign is so-called “equal opportunities”. What this means is that education has to be downgraded for the blacks to pass. The damage can be seen when comparing I.Q.`s of White children who got “equal opportunities” and those who didn`t. Our lamentable White children have become victims of a heinous Jewish crime. Our total education programme is in a shambles thanks to our alien government enforcing a programme of school busing and forced integration of the races.


The colleges took the same road. The Jews have turned our colleges into centres for brain pollution rather than education and are being constantly invaded by the Jewish idea of race mixing. The colleges` trouble has progressed along the same lines as the churches`. First destroy the young men`s sense of respect for the ancient foundations, and then fill it with Jewish revolutionary social doctrines. These two always go together and cannot live apart, and are the fulfillment of the Protocol`s programme to split non-Jewish society by means of ideas.


There is a simple solution. All that is necessary for the White student to know is that the attacking force is Jewish. This the Jewish programme cannot endure; “you must not use the term ‘Jew’, they say, “you must not identify us”. The answer is to identify the source and nature of the influence. The White students` choice is between the Tribe of Judah and the Anglo-Saxon. In making up their allegiance, let the White student decide whether they want to follow those who seek to tear down, or the Builders. Calling our White students back to a pride of race is the only absolute antidote to the Jewish influence. It is not a case for argument. If the White students decide on following this council of dark rebellion and destruction, it is because they do not know whose sons they are, of what race they are the scions. Let there be free intercourse of ideas and free speech in our colleges, but let Jewish thoughts be labelled Jewish, and let the White students know the racial secret.


So-called Open-housing Laws


This programme consists of opening wide the doors to the blacks although they are not wanted, and although the realtors, builders and landlords know that the blacks will ruin their property values. The Zionist Occupied Government has cowed and coerced these forces to do its bidding.




Through sheer treachery, Zionist Occupied Governments in White countries, has aided the dark races to achieve in the 20th century what they could not win in the 19th century by force of arms. By means of subsidization; by means of welfare; by means of immigration they have allowed illegal dark race aliens to invade our White borders by the millions. These dark races have been deliberately aided and imported into White states by the strong arm of the Zionist Occupied Governments itself and at the expense of, and to the detriment of the White taxpayer. The Zionist Occupied Governments is encouraging this massive invasion, and is taking an active hand in deliberately importing the riff-raff from all over the world. The inferior dark races of the world are to be deployed according to the Jewish plan to act as shock troops to mongrelize the superior White Race, and exterminate those that will not mongrelize. They are swarming in by the millions and are taking our land and living space. What is the difference if they are doing so as a military army or as civilian invaders ?


The Jews are now deliberately shipping hordes of dark races into the British Kingdom, injecting a foul pollution where no pollution ever existed. The same can be said of the United States. In the last stronghold of the White Race, immigration became business, a strictly Jewish business. The Immigration Department favoured White immigrants from Europe in previous years, because America was deemed to be a White country. In the last few decades it has swung heavily the other way. Whites are now kept, out while the rest of the scum of the world is flocking into the United States with the full sanction of the Jew-controlled Immigration Department ! They also promote programmes to bring dark children into the United States to increase the mongrelization of the land. Through the misdirection of the churches, many such orphans are adopted to affluent White homes, only to grow up and marry into White society. Madonna and Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt are examples.


The Tammany- [Democratic Party in America] and Jewish Kehillah leaders have always been alertly aware of the fact that their power depended upon an uninterrupted flow of immigration. The best material for the Jewish Kehillah`s purpose has always been the foreigner, until America became so thoroughly un-Americanized as to make intensive immigration no longer essential. In 1884 a great influx of immigration occurred into the United States, causing the degeneration of New York, and then of American life. After the arrival of Russian, Austrian and Hungarian Jews, an memorable period of crime followed, the marks of which remain to this day. These Eastern Jews were hailed as “German” and “British” scientists. The laws of the country are set aside in open contempt by the Jewish immigrants. They are able to “arrange” the passport work, they “arrange” avoidance of the health regulations. Their first glimpse of life in the States shows a Jewish control as potent and complete as it is Russia; they can come from anywhere, and are coming from anywhere !


From that moment, Jewish immigration set in strongly toward South America, principally Brazil. The Jews of Brazil found it necessary to emigrate in the direction of the Dutch colony of what is now New York, because of military participation in a disagreement between the Brazilians and the Dutch. Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch governor, ordered them to leave because he did not entirely approve of their settling among his people. The Jews had evidently taken the precaution to assure their being received if not welcomed, because upon revoking the order of Stuyvesant, the Directors gave as one of the reasons for the Jews being received, “the large amount of capital which they have invested in the shares of the company”.


Stuyvesant compelled the Jews to make New York the principle port of America, and though a majority of New York Jews had fled to Philadelphia at the time of the American Revolution, most of them returned at the earliest opportunity, instinct seeming to make them aware that, in New York was to be their principle paradise of gain. And so it has proved until this day. It not only houses the greatest center of Jewish population in the world, but the very land of the city is the holdings of the Jews. New York is the gateway where the bulk of American imports and exports are taxed, and where practical all the business done in the United States pays tribute to the masters of money.


Therefore it should not be strange that the smaller nations of Europe refers to America as “The Jews`Country”, with the alarming increase in Jewish immigration bringing the question to public attention again. No wonder that Jewish writers, viewing this unchecked growth in wealth and power, this unprecedented prosperity, exclaim with their usual arrogance that the United States is the Promised Land foretold by the prophets, interest and profits are the “milk and honey”, and New York is New Jerusalem ! They further describe the peaks of the Rockies as “the mountains of Zion”, and with reason, if the coastal and mining wealth of the Jews is considered. It should be of interest to the student that Columbus` voyage was associated with at least five Jews : Luis de Torres, interpreter; Marco, the surgeon; Bernal, the physician; Alonzo de la Calle, and Gabriel Sanchez. De Torres was the first man ashore and also the first to discover the use of tobacco. After settling in Cuba he became the father of Jewish control of the tobacco business as it exists today.

How America's Borders Were Opened ...

“Even if you had the political will to do this, it is so highly impractical to think about loading up estimates of 11 [million] to 12 million-plus people in some form of transportation and sending them off,” said Sarah Saldaña, who took over Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, in December 2014.

​... Sarah Saldaña (Head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who would surley have you believe, like former New York Mayor Bloomberg,  that the Germans rounded-up 6,000,000 Jews and gassed them all ) ​


Chairman Chaffetz Opener - Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security

The Census Bureau forecasts that non-Hispanic whites, now slightly more than 60% of the U.S. population, will fall below 50% by 2043. Within 30 years there will cease to be a racial majority in the U.S.

According to Jewish Harvard Skull & Boner Dana Milbank
of the Washington Post:

"For the country, the disassociation of whiteness and American-ness is to be celebrated. Indeed, it is the key to our survival. This is not merely about a fresh labor supply but about the fresh blood needed to cure what ails us. To benefit from such a transfusion, we need not only need to welcome more immigrants but also to adopt pieces of their culture lacking in our own - just as we have done with other (mostly European) cultures for centuries."

So Milbank thinks the U.S. needs fresh labor when there are now waaaay too many Americans out of work and there are waaay too many Americans working crappy paying "service" jobs (which harkens back to President Reagan announcing that America was jettisoning a manufacturing based economy in favor of a "service" based economy). Milbank also thinks the culture that Americans created (basically Christian Anglo-Saxon based) needs foreign culture filling in the gaps where American culture lacks something... as if. America's Christian Anglo Saxon culture was very well formed by 1965 when America's immigration policy changed from a "favored nation" status (mostly Western European) to totally open immigration. The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 (House Bill H.R. 2580) opened the floodgates by removing the favored nation status for Western European nations regarding immigration.

The Jewish Zionist Americans who brought us the immigration law of 1965 were New York Senator Jacob Javits (D-NY), New York Congressman Emanuel Celler (D-NY), former president of the American Jewish Congress Leo Pfeffer, and Council of Foreign Relations member Norman Podhoretz.
The Immigration act of 1965 radically changed the ethnic make-up of immigration into America. Before the Act was passed, the majority of immigrants coming to America were Western European whites from favored nations. After the passage of the Act, 80% of immigrants were from non-white, non-Christian countries world-wide.

Earlier immigration reformists were Jewish Zionist Senator Herbert H. Lehman, who installed Jewish Zionist Harry Rosenfield as the Executive Director of the President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization, and Jewish Zionist Philip Perlman as the Chairman in 1952.

There are a few very powerful people who think that "Global Peace through Global Government" is the future of the planet and are dilligently working on this project, and if the USA needs to be changed to fit the economic parity and mono-culture necessary for world government to take control... so be it. NAFTA and 17 other so-called "trade agreements" have already come a long way in establishing the globalists project.

God bless the America we thought we once knew.

And speaking of Dana Milbank:

The following is a quote by uber-Israel supporter and Zionist Jewess, Ann Lewis, who was Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor during her run for the presidency in 2008. It appeared in a Washington Post article by Dana Milbank titled, Audacity of Chutzpah, on March 18th, 2008:

“The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.”

WIKIPEDIA being a Jewish owned and controlled disinformation/distraction source when needed.

Zionist Jews have always lobbied and legislated for open immigration for America... and this 1948 quote by former American Jewish Congress Director, David Petegorsky, sums it up nicely:

"Jewish survival [he really means supremacy, not survival] can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies, gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism."

Jews had been lobbying for open immigration since 1914, but the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 (House Bill H.R. 2580) opened the floodgates by removing the favored nation status for Western European nations regarding immigration. Since 1965, even the dreaded Russians and Chinese are welcome in America and Jewish-Russian immigration has been accomplished with a vengeance.

With an influx of Hispanics, Black African, Eastern Europeans and Asians, the Jews were better able to ‘blend in’ and go largely unnoticed in what was previously a predominately White-Christian America. America became a racial "melting pot" (a term coined by Jewish writer Israel Zangwill from his play, The Melting Pot). Only not much "melting" has occurred, only self-imposed segregation has largely occurred.

It’s much easier to divide and influence public opinion and eviscerate Anglo-Saxon Christian American cultural traditions if there are a convoluted mix of races and cultures introduced to the land. Not to mention the influx of cheap labor that would be beneficial to all business concerns.

The Zionist Jewish Americans who brought us the immigration law of 1965 were New York Senator Jacob Javits (D-NY), New York Congressman Emanuel Celler (D-NY), former president of the American Jewish Congress Leo Pfeffer, and Council of Foreign Relations member Norman Podhoretz.

Earlier immigration reformists were Jews such as Senator Herbert H. Lehman, who installed Harry Rosenfield as the Executive Director of the President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization, and Philip Perlman as the Chairman in 1952.

Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress, The Jewish Federation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the B’nai B’rith filed briefs in support of open immigration before the Senate Subcommittee in the early 1960s leading up to the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendment of 1965.

The Immigration act of 1965 radically changed the ethnic make-up of immigration into America. Before the Act was passed, the majority of immigrants coming to America were Western European whites from favored nations. After the passage of the Act, 80% of immigrants were from non-white, non-Christian countries world-wide.

The Zionist creed calls for the non-assimilation of Jews into the dominate culture of the countries they choose to live in. So by blurring the dominate culture by introducing a myriad of different cultures into the mix, Zionists don’t have to assimilate into anything. Notice by watching TV that there are presently and seemingly as many African, Hispanic and Asian faces represented on sitcoms and advertisements as there are Anglo faces, as if the racial numbers in America are all equal. They are not equal. White Western Europeans make up 72.4% of Americans; Hispanic/Latino 16.4%, African 12.6%, Asian 4.8%, and 3.8% consists of Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. Of course, there is interracial interbreeding that makes the percentage figures suspect.

Jews with a primary loyalty to Israel debased White-Christian American culture with their removal of immigration restrictions while Israel enjoys the most restrictive immigration policy in the world. Again, if you aren’t a member of the Jewish tribe, or an adherent of Judaism, you cannot apply for Israeli citizenship… Talk about two-faced agenda based hippo criticism.

And what about the quality of immigrants? During and especially after the Vietnam debacle, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese were fast-tracked to American citizenship who had sold out their own country of birth to side with the invasive Americans who were really only interested in global domination, not democratizing the winning side of a civil war.

Have the Vietnamese integrated into American culture? Not really, at least no more than any other ethnic group that has immigrated to America either legally or illegally in the last half century. Many Vietnamese can be found segregated in an area of Orange County, California called Little Saigon (it’s near Disneyland and has its own freeway exit signage).

Recently arrived Russian Jews can be found segregated in specific areas of New York City and Mexicans can be found segregated in areas such as South-Central L.A., South Phoenix, and South Tucson.

America is incorrectly touted as the "melting pot" alright, but the Chinese, who arrived here in the mid-19 th century, still segregate themselves in so called "China Towns" in places such as L.A., San Francisco and Seattle. Cubans segregate themselves in "Little Havana" in Miami. African Americans have their own turf and so do Hispanics. Of course self-segregation isn’t a precise situation and there are certainly spill–overs and blurred racial divides in every American city but the segregated neighborhoods are there and everyone knows where they are and even warn visitors about which neighborhoods to avoid.

Speaking of melting pots… The Amerasian Homecoming act of Act of December 1987 provided for the transportation from Vietnam to America, and the subsequent assimilation, of 25,000 Vietnamese children and young adults who had been fathered by American G.I.s. The G.I.s had abandoned their offspring upon the conclusion of their tour of duty In Viet Nam. These young Amerasians became known as the "Bui Doi Kids." Bui Doi is a Vietnamese term meaning "dust of life" as a 478 reference to the cast-off vagrant mixed-race street kids. Two Jewish guys, Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, are credited with making the term familiar after their musical, Miss Saigon, became popular on Broadway in 1991.

President Johnson is the one we all recall as being the Civil Rights pioneer of the 1960s but the pressure brought to bear on Johnson was brought by Zionist Jews such as Arnold Aronson who was the founder and leader of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR). The LCCR was a powerful coalition of political and religious groups that organized a nationwide lobbying effort to aid passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And it was again Jewish Congressman Emanuel Celler (D-NY) who wrote and sponsored Civil Rights legislation signed into law in 1957 and1964.


D​eaths of white people outnumbered births for the very first time in US history, revealed by the Census Bureau. The census predicts that significant drops in birth rates v death rates will be regular by 2025.


The new 2012 annual census calculated births minus deaths as of July 2012 and saw a decrease of about 12,400 people out of 198 million non-Hispanic whites in the country.


Several demographers have pointed out that no other racial group in the US experienced a similar drop.


Such a natural decrease

within the white population is the first of its kind and was not even observed in the US during wars or Depression, the Washington Post reported.

Non-Hispanic whites in the US are older than other groups, with a median age of 42. In comparison, the median age for Asians is 34, for African Americans, it is under 32, and for Hispanics it is under 28.


“We’re jumping the gun on a long, slow decline of our white population, which is going to characterize this century,” demographer with the Brookings Institution William Frey, who analyzed the census data, told the Washington Post.


The data also revealed that half of the America’s under-5 age group is made up of racial and ethnic minorities, amounting to 49.9 percent in 2012.


If the current rate of growth continues, then the whites in the under-5 group will become a minority in 2013-14, the Census Bureau's acting director Thomas Mesenbourg told AP.


The Bureau also predicts that just in five years minorities will become the majority of children under 18.


And after that mark the total white population will start to significantly decline as aging baby boomers will start dying.


Demographic and economic factors behind drop in birth rates


The decline in births rates for the past several years include demographic and economic factors.


One reason is women with college degrees are choosing careers and are postponing getting married and having kids till at least late into their 20s. And census shows that if women have children later in life they will opt to have fewer of them, or be unable to have more.


Also, data revealed that white women are more likely to be childless than Hispanic or African American women.


The economic recession that hit the US in 2007 also had a negative impact on birth rates, as more white women believed that they could not afford to have more kids. 

The 2012 fall in white births versus deaths ratio is not the first alarming number that was released to the public this past couple of years.


The 2011 census, published in May 2012, showed that for the first time in US history white births make up fewer than half the children born in the country, according to the US Census Bureau. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 49.6 per cent of all births in the 12-month period in 2011 that ended last July.


A drop in the non-Hispanic white population came a decade earlier than the Census Bureau predicted initially. Demographers cited two factors as reasons for the earlier drop: decreasing birth rate and slower immigration levels. Birth rate and immigration usually balance out a population decrease.


Moreover, the inflow of 188,000 white immigrants into the US in 2012 played a role at keeping non-Hispanic whites at 63 percent of the country’s population – the largest single group in the US.


Demographer Ken Johnson believes there is hope yet.


“Once this recession has waned, we’re probably going to see at least a temporary uptick in births until death rates start to rise,” he said.

But Frey believes that the older white population will start depending more on the younger population (which is a minority).


“More so than ever, we need to recognize the importance of young minorities for the growth and vitality of our labor force and economy,'' Frey added. “Last year, we saw the majority of babies are minorities. Now we see more whites are dying than being born. Together, that tells us a lot about where we’re going as a country.”


Ethnic changes in the US are prompting activists to demand for amends to some of the civil rights programs in higher education, such as affirmative action in college admissions.


The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the issue this month. Activists are arguing that they should now be more focused on income rather than race and ethnicity, AP reported.


Currently there are more than 36 percent of university students that are minorities, up from 16 percent in 1980. And the black voter turnout was more than white turnout in last year's presidential election.

Don't be fooled.  The real root of racial tension and immigration problems is the jew.
Don't be fooled. The real root of racial tension and immigration problems is the Jews.