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Click on this text to visit the HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE... Free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about Six Million Jews gassed in Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms

Revisionism online!
The most important addresses

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
Bradley R. Smith's Committee on the Open Debate of the Holocaust (Codoh) offers the widest range of revisionist articles, pamphlets and whole books.

The Revisionist Forum

Revisionist discussion group without name calling and mud slinging. High standards on style, but no taboos accepted.

Institute for Historical Review
The California based Institute for Historical Review offers the most important artices of its highly renowned Journal of Historical Review, the world's leading English language journal of critical historical research.

The Occidental Quarterly
A Journal of Western Thought and Opinion. Provocatively politically incorrect, but well-founded views on modern issues of Western culture and societies.

David Irving / Focal Point Publications
Focal Point Publications, David Irving's famous publishing company, online since January 19th, 1998

Ernst Zündel & Ingrid Rimland / Zundelsite

Ernst Zündel online: probably the best known, feared and adored fighter for the freedom of speech even for revisionists and political right wingers. Worldwide the best known and visited revisionist Website!

Revisionnisme français

Critical historical research from the mother country of historical revisionism: contributions from Robert Faurisson, Paul Rassinier, Serge Thion, and, and, and...

VHO in Italiano

Il revisionismo storico, italian style. Benvenuti sul nuovo sito di VHO!

Air Photo Evidence / John C. Ball
John Clive Ball's Website with air photo evidences about the tragic, but frequently exaggerated fate of the Jews in the countries ruled by Germany in World War II. English, German and Swedish!!!

Fritz Berg

Website of American Engineer Friedrich Paul Berg, with focus on the problem of Diesel mass gassing claims
The Holocaust Historiography Project
The Web site of Greg Raven, once co-editor of the Journal of Historical Review.

Arthur R. Butz
The Homepage of Arthur R. Butz, the author of the famous revisionist book "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century".

Fredrick Toben / Adelaide Institute
The Australian revisionist Homepage of the Adelaide Institute, mastered by Dr. Fredrick Töben.

Historical Review Press
Classic British revisionism from the Historical Review Press (HRP)

Jürgen Graf
Swiss national politics and revisionism, as free and naughty as Wilhelm Tell himself.

Michael A. Hoffman II
Homepage of Michael A. Hoffman II and his Campaign for Radical Truth in History

Carlos W. Porter
Revisionist homepage of Carlos W. Porter

John Sack

John Sack died in San Francisco on March 27, 2004. RIP. His website is back online!
John Sack's "An Eye for an Eye" in excerpts online, and much more about and from this courageous Jewish writer.

Ahmed Rami / Radio Islam
(http://abbc.net; http://radioislam.net; http://radioislam.org)
Ahmed Rami's revisionism and critical anti-Zionism for hard-boiled.

Colectivo Tropical de Revisionismo
(http://www.revisionismo.net; http://www.revisionismo.org)
Vistas revisionistas, aventuras rechazando el embrutecimiento

Vascos por la Revisión Histórica
V.R.H. tiene, como gran objetivo, el aportar nuevas visiones historiográficas que van en contra de la tergiversación, manipulación y mentira impuesta en ciertos hechos históricos.

Danish Revisionism

Danish Revisionism

The Heretical Press
Simon Sheppard's site with many publications about suppressed literature, facts, and scientific opinions

Mensch & Maß
Weltanschauung und Religionsphilosophie, Jugenderziehung und Bildungswesen, Geheimorden, überstaatliche Organisationen und deren Machtwesen, Geschichte, Politik und Zeitgeschehen, Altertumskunde und Vorgeschichtsforschung, Umweltschutz und Sozialprobleme

Swiss journal "Recht und Freiheit": Swiss fighters against censorship and human rights violations in Switzerland, and for patriotism and revisionism.

Stimme des Gewissens - Lebensschutz-Informationen LSI

Nachrichten und politische sowie geschichtliche Beiträge des COLLEGIUM HUMANUM Akademie für Umwelt und Lebenschutz  e.V.

Pearl Harbor Revisionism
Pearl Harbor Revisionism with further links to related sites

Truth Establishment Institute

First Amendment Exercise Machine with a bit of revisionism as well

Konservative Informationsseite in der Deutschlandbewegung, mit z.B.: Wehrmacht, Meinungsfreiheit

The Scriptorium (Canada): My favorite German-English Bookstore.

Norman Finkelstein's Website. The fiercest opponent of David Jonah Goldhagen and the Holocaust Industry.

This site offers an enormous amount of information about the Jews and their influence in past and present.

The big US-adversary of revisionism.

Futile official German attempt to refute revisionism

The only guys who try to argue scientifically -- and by so doing get a bloody nose

The not quite so big French adversary of revisionism.

Should be self-explaining.

Click on this text to visit the CODOH website...

 Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

Click on this text to watch a video that should help encourage people to ask questions. More important, if what you are instructed to believe makes no sense, ask questions, and do a little research...

What We Believe


The aim of this site is to promote intellectual freedom with regard to this one historical event called "Holocaust." It is our belief that this will in turn help advance the concept of intellectual freedom with regard to all historical events. We find it vulgar beyond belief that Americans would spend more than half a century condemning the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans when we have not yet learned to condemn our own, or to even recognize it.


CODOH is not a membership organization and is not affiliated with any political party or political group. It is not the purpose of CODOH to prove the Holocaust “never happened,” or that European Jews did not suffer a catastrophe during the years of the Hitlerian regime. Those who try to convince you it is want to muddy the waters. While we no longer believe the gas chamber stories (we used to very much believe them) or the “genocide” theory, we remain open to being convinced we are wrong.


We understand perfectly well that the Hitlerian regime was anti-Semitic and persecuted Jews and others. We understand many peoples, European Jews among them, experienced unfathomable tragedies in Europe during World War II. Nevertheless, to be clear, we no longer believe the German State pursued a plan to kill all Jews or used homicidal “gassing chambers” for mass murder during the years of World War II.


For some seven decades the homicidal Nazi gas chambers have been at the heart of the Holocaust narrative. In the literature, the two have been absolutely inseparable. It is tempting to say: “No gas chambers, no Holocaust.” But too often it can be—has been—misleading, particularly to those who are just becoming acquainted with revisionist arguments. It is misleading because it suggests that, if there were no gas chambers, the Jews of Europe did not suffer a tragedy at the hands of the Hitlerian regime. They did.


While it is true that Third Reich Germany was criminally responsible for the death of large numbers of civilians, so were the major Allied powers, particularly the Soviets, the British, and the Americans. But much “eyewitness” testimony about Nazi atrocities against Jews and others is demonstrably false, and it appears that all such eyewitness testimony about homicidal Nazi gas chambers is false. It is wrong to bear false witness against others—most of us were taught to understand this when we were children. False testimony against anyone, including Germans, together with those who promote it, should be exposed to the light of public scrutiny.


The attempt to identify every call for open debate about the gas chamber controversy with anti-Jewish sentiment is juvenile. Those who protest that it is more important to be sensitive to “survivors” than truthful to the historical record represent a world view that has no place in Western culture.


We are willing to be convinced we are wrong about any or all of this. We are willing to be convinced it is hateful to weigh the evidence for and against any historical narrative whatsoever. We are willing to consider the possibility that the university and the press in America are justified in their efforts to suppress a free exchange of ideas about the Holocaust or any other matter. We are even willing to discuss the idea that intellectual freedom itself corrupts public discourse when it involves the gas chamber controversy.


We are not willing to remain silent, however. We will be heard.


Founder: Bradley R. Smith (RIP)

The Board of Trustees

Webmaster: Santiago Alvarez
Webmasters Emeriti: Rodrigo Mendoza, David Thomas


What We Do

CODOH sponsors many revisionist and free speech activities; to name but a few:


Company History


The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust – CODOH – was founded by Bradley R. Smith in 1987 in order to encourage a free exchange of ideas with regard to the orthodox Holocaust narrative.


In 1990, Bradley Smith started publishing his newsletter Smith's Report in order to inform his supporters and everyone else about what he and CODOH have been, still are, and will keep doing. Since 1995 Smith's Report has appeared roughly once a month.


In September 1995, CODOH went online. During the next decades, this step has proven to have been pivotal for the survival of our attempts to fight censorship and to open up a debate on the Holocaust. In 2015, CODOH celebrated its 20th web anniversary.


In 2012, CODOH not only celebrated its 25th anniversary, but also started a promising joint venture with the British publishing company Castle Hill Publishers to promote books and video documentaries which suffer the chilling effects of censorship caused by the Taboo. Ever since we have hosted Castle Hill's online bookstore on our website.


In 2014 CODOH also started sponsoring the publication of new editions and new volumes to the ambitious research series "Holocaust Handbooks," as well as its video documentary counterpart "Holocaust Documentaries."


In late 2014 CODOH was reorganized as a charitable trust with its headquarters in Mill Valley, California. The Trust's goal has remained unchanged: to encourage a free exchange of ideas – in the spirit of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – in an area where free speech is most threatened by the West's biggest taboo.


In 2015, CODOH became the publisher of the quarterly online magazine Inconvenient History. Inconvenient History was established in 2009, filling a gap left behind by its predecessor The Revisionist when it ceased to exist in 2005.


Currently, CODOH and Castle Hill Publishers are working on integrating both entities into one, with CODOH at the helm.


The Significance of Our Work


If you want an insight into the significance of our work on the university campus, read this 9,000-word publication by HILLEL, The Foundation for Campus Jewish Life. It’s titled: “Fighting Holocaust Denial in Campus Newspaper Advertisements: A Manual for Action.” Everything in this Hillel Manual is meant to teach Jewish students how to suppress, censor, and control debate about the Holocaust question. Above all else—Control! Hillel has an annual budget of $35-million (million!) dollars.


God Bless the Hillel Rabbis tells the story of how I felt about the behavior of Hillel rabbis well before they produced their censorship Manual condemning intellectual freedom. No line here between the Work and the Life.


—Bradley (RIP)










Info Brochure "the holocaust never happened"
Download: PDF: 2 MB | Buy this item

This brochure is a more thorough introduction into revisionism. It answers questions like: What is historical revisionism and why is it important? What is meant by "The Holocaust" or "Shoah?" What does Holocaust revisionism claim? What about those pictures of mountains of dead bodies in the concentration camps? Does it really matter whether prisoners died from disease or poison gas? Does it matter how many Jews were killed during the Third Reich since even one thousand would have been too many?


Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust. Controversial Issues Cross Examined
Download: PDF: 13.4 MB | Buy this item

Since 1991, German scholar Germar Rudolf does researching, publishing, and lecturing on the Holocaust. This book offers the main arguments for being skeptic about the Holocaust in a very sensitive way. All arguments and counter-arguments are discussed in a virtual exchange with the reader. The best introduction to revisionism one can find.

Fred A. Leuchter, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, The Leuchter Reports. Critical Edition
Download: PDF: 13.7 MB | Buy this item

Between 1988 and 1991, American expert on execution technologies Fred Leuchter wrote four expert reports addressing the question whether or not the Third Reich operated homicidal gas chambers. The first report on Auschwitz and Majdanek became world famous. This edition republishes all four reports, and accompanies the first one with critical notes and research updates.

Germar Rudolf (ed.), Dissecting the Holocaust. The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and 'Memory', 2nd., revised paperback edition
Download: PDF: 16 MB
- HTML-ZIP: 6 MB | Buy this item
Dissecting the Holocaust applies state-of-the-art scientific technique and classic methods of detection to investigate the alleged murder of millions of Jews by Germans during World War II. In 22 contributions of each ca. 30 pages, the 17 authors dissect generally accepted paradigms of the ‘Holocaust’. It reads as exciting as a crime novel. This is the intellectual adventure of the 21st

Germar Rudolf, The Rudolf Report. Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz
Download: PDF: 4.4 MB
- HTML-ZIP: 1.4 MB | Buy this item as paperback | Buy this item as hardcover
The so-called Leuchter Report about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek has been subject to massive, and partly justified, criticism. Rudolf wrote a thorough forensic study about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz which irons out the deficiencies and discrepancies of the Leuchter Report. The Rudolf Report is the first English edition of this sensational scientific work.

Jürgen Graf The Giant With Feet of Clay. Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the 'Holocaust'
Download: PDF: 1.4 MB | Buy this item

Raul Hilberg's major work The Destruction of European Jewry is generally considered the standard work on the Holocaust. Jürgen Graf applies the methods of critical analysis to Hilberg’s evidence and examines the results in the light of Revisionist historiography. The results of Graf’s critical analysis are devastating for Hilberg.

Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Stutthof and its Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy
Download: PDF: 8.3 MB
- HTML-ZIP: 2.2 MB | Buy this item
According to communist literature, the Stutthof camp was a ‘makeshift’ extermination camp within the framework of the so-called ‘Final Solution of the Jewish Question’ in 1944. Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno have examined this view of Stutthof. Not only do the authors prove that the Stutthof camp did not serve as a ‘makeshift’ extermination camp...

Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Majdanek. A Historical and Technical Study
Download: PDF: 9.1 MB
- HTML-ZIP: 3 MB | Buy this item
Common information available on the Madjanek camp is thoroughly discredited Polish Communists propaganda. With their exhaustive study, Mattogno and Graf expertly dissect and repudiate the myth of homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek. They also investigated the legendary mass executions of Jews in tank trenches ("Operation Harvest Festival") critically and prove them groundless.

Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust. Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During And After World War One
Download: PDF: 3.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: 2.4 MB | Buy this item

Supported with many publications, in particular from The New York Times, the author shows that between 1916 and the late 1920s, mainly American Jewish organizations were claiming that up to six million Jews(!) would suffer terribly in Eastern Europe and would face a holocaust if they did not receive massive aid.

Arthur R. Butz, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, third, revised and expanded edition
Download: PDF: 12.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: 2.25 MB | Buy this item

Professor A. R. Butz was the first (and so far the only) writer to treat the entire Holocaust complex from the Revisionist perspective, in a precise scientific manner. This book exhibits the overwhelming force of historical and logical arguments which Revisionism had accumulated by the middle of the 70s. This new edition comes with several supplements adding new information.

Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf, Treblinka. Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?
Download: PDF: 12.7 MB - HTML-ZIP: 2.1 MB | Buy this item

It is claimed that at Treblinka camp, between 700,000 and 3,000,000 Jews were murdered in 1942 and 1943. The weapons used were alleged to have been stationary and/or mobile gas chambers, poison gases of both fast acting and slow acting varieties, quicklime, superheated steam, electricity, diesel exhaust fumes... This thorough study exposes the Treblinka hoax.

Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings
Download: PDF: 8.9 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
The morgue of crematorium I in the Auschwitz concentration camp is said to have been the first location where mass gassings of Jews occurred over an extended period of time. This study investigates all the documentary, physical, and anecdotal evidence. Carlo Mattogno shows that this morgue always was only what it was meant to be: a morgue.


Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations
Download: PDF: 5.2 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
Due to a restricted capacity of the Auschwitz crematoria, hundreds of thousands of corpses of murdered victims are said to have been incinerated in fires lit in deep trenches in Auschwitz. This study investigates all the documentary, physical, and anecdotal evidence. Carlo Mattogno shows that the stories about these open air incinerations, although based on a kernel of truth, are vastly exaggerated, and their homicidal background is untrue.


Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: The First Gassing. Rumor and Reality
Download: PDF: 8.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
The first gassing of human beings in Auschwitz is claimed to have occurred on Sept. 3, 1941. The accounts reporting it are the archetypes for all later gassing accounts. This study exhibits the sources about this alleged event and analyzes them critically. It shows that these sources contradict each other in every essential point, rendering it impossible to extract a consistent story. Original wartime documents inflict a final blow to the tale of the first homicidal gassing.


Carlo Mattogno, Belzec in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History
Download: PDF: 3 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item

600,000, if not as many as 3 million Jews, were allegedly murdered in Belzec camp between Nov. 1941 and Dec. 1942. Various murder weapons are claimed: diesel gas chambers; quicklime in trains; high voltage; vacuum chambers. According to witnesses, the corpses were finally incinerated on huge pyres without leaving any traces... This study exposes the Belzec hoax by thoroughly examining all available evidence, including forensic drillings and excavations of the late 1990s.

Carlo Mattogno, Special Treatment in Auschwitz. Origin and Meaning of a Term
Download: PDF: 6.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item

According to official historiography, terms like "special treatment," or "special action," when occurring in German documents in the context of the "Holocaust", were camouflage words which really meant the killing of inmates.
By bringing numerous documents into their proper historical context, Carlo Mattogno shows that this interpretation is profoundly wrong...

Carlo Mattogno, The Bunkers of Auschwitz. Black Propaganda versus History
Download: PDF: 6 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item

The so-called “Bunkers” at Auschwitz are claimed to have been the first homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz specifically erected for this purpose in early 1942. With help of the files of the Auschwitz construction office, this study shows that these “Bunkers” never existed, how the rumors of these alleged gas chambers evolved as black propaganda created by resistance groups within the camp, and how this propaganda was transformed into ‘reality’ by historians.

Carlo Mattogno, The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz. Organization, Responsibilities, Activities
Download: PDF: 6.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item

The Central Construction Office of Auschwitz was responsible for the planning and construction of the Auschwitz camp complex. This study sheds light into hitherto hidden aspects of this camp’s history. This pioneering study, which is based on mostly hitherto unpublished Moscow documents, is indispensable for those wishing to avoid misinterpretations of Auschwitz documents.

Carlos W. Porter, Not Guilty at Nuremberg
Download: PDF: 0.2 MB | Buy this item

Porter exposes a multitude of legal absurdities as well as glaring violations of juridical procedure of the Nuremberg Trials. He considers all the accused defendants of the tribunals as well as other significant personalities and important witnesses. On the basis of tribunal protocols, he demonstrates the crass and extralegal means used to "prove guilt" at the Nuremberg.

Ingrid Weckert, Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich
Download: PDF: 817 KK - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item

Jewish emigration was welcomed by the German authorities of the Third Reich. It was not some kind of wild flight, but rather a lawfully determined and regulated matter. Weckert's booklet elucidates the emigration process in law and policy, thereby augmenting the traditionally received picture of Jewish emigration from Germany. The accounts of Jews fleeing Germany in secret by night across some border are untenable.


Germar Rudolf (ed.), Special Treatment in Auschwitz. Origin and Meaning of a Term. Download: PDF: 2.8 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac was praised by mainstream Europe for his alleged refutation of the revisionists. Auschwitz: Plain Facts subjects Pressac's works to a devastating critique by leading revisionist scholars. The verdict: Pressac did not pay any attention to "the technique" of mass murder, as his books claim. In fact, he reveals such a massive technical incompetence that his works belong into the category of novels rather than history.

Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust. Download: PDF: 14.3 MB - HTML-ZIP: later | Buy this item
What do Prof. G. Wellers, Prof. J. Markiewicz, Prof. J. Roth, Dr. R. Green, Prof. J. Zimmerman, and Prof. M. Shermer have in common? They all tried to refute the scientific findings of Holocaust revisionism -- and they all failed. This volume discusses these and more authors and exposes their attempts at refutation as a mixture of scientific bungling and frau

Dr. Fredrick Töben, Fight or Flight. The Personal Face of Revisionism
Download: PDF: 5.1 MB
On the travels, travails, trials, and tribulations of Australia's top-revisionist Dr. Fredrick Töben, Director of the Adelaide Institute. In this book he describes a multitude of encounters with many personalities of the world, from Konrad Lorenz and Werner Heisenberg to the whole range of representatives of Revisionism and their enemies. A world to be explored.

Curtis B. Dall, Franklin Delano. My Exploited Father-in-Law | 1 MB  

Norman G. Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry | 0.64 MB  

Jürgen Graf, Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences | 0.2 MB  

David Hoggan, The Myth of the Six Million | 0.2 MB  

David Irving, Nuremberg. The Last Battle | 1.5 MB  

Barbara Kulaszka, 'Did Six Million Really Die?' | 16 MB  

George Orwell, Animal Farm | 777 KB  

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four | 5.8 MB  

Michael Collins Piper, BEST WITNESS. The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism | 1 MB  


J. M. Spaight, Bombing Vindicated | 574 KB  

Freda Utley, The High Cost of Vengeance | 0.8 MB  

Herbert Verbeke, Auschwitz: Plain Facts. A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac | 1.45 MB

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Smith, B. CODOH Auschwitz Video Now Playing on CODOHWeb English 1999-03-01
Hunt, E. The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax English 2014-03-06
Hunt, E. The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax English 2014-05-13
Rudolf, G. A Video Presentation on The First Holocaust: The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure English 2016-07-21
Hunt, E. Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2) English 2016-04-27
Cole, D. David Cole in Auschwitz: The Video of the Century. English 1992-01-01
Chabloz, A. Horst Mahler Last Public Appearance Before Returning to Prison VIDEO English Subs English 2017-04-15
Rudolf, G. The Lies and Deceptions of Deborah Lipstadt, Part 1 English 2017-05-04
Atzmon, G. Memorabilia: Jewish Dissenters or Holocaust Guardians English 2017-06-13
Hunt, E. The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth English 2014-12-07
DenierBud Buchenwald—A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil English 2009-11-01
Smith, B. The Last Days of the Big Lie English 2012-04-18
Rudolf, G. The Real Deal: A Presentation on Mattogno's New Book "Curated Lies" English 2016-05-11
Fetzer, J. The Real Deal: A Presentation on Mattogno's New Book "Curated Lies" English 2016-05-11
Rimland, I. A Documentary of the 1985 Zündel Trial, An Obituary to Douglas Christie, 1946-2013 English 2013-03-13
Hunt, E. The Last Days of the Big Lie English 2011-05-01
DenierBud Nazi Shrunken Heads, A 24-minute free video about lies which justify war English 2008-08-01
DenierBud Auschwitz—The Surprising Hidden Truth English 2012-04-01
Smith, B. Victory in Baja! A Revisionist Dream Comes True, An unprecedented step forward for the Holocaust revisionist movement English 2007-06-10
DenierBud One Third of the Holocaust, Watch the Movie -- Calls for Rebuttals English 2009-01-01
Rudolf, G. The Chemistry of Auschwitz, Video Documentary: Buna Rubber, Zyklon B, Prussian Blue and the Gas Chambers English 2017-06-15
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